Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta

Graceful palm native to the coastal regions and valleys of Sonora and Baja Mexico. The Robusta is a fast growing palm when provided with ample heat and moisture. Once established, Mexican Fans are very drought resistant and can survive on monthly waterings in the summer. Growth can be easily managed with irrigation and may range from less than 6 inches to more than 2 feet per year. Mexican Fans tend to have thinner trunks than other Washingtonia varieties, but this varies throughout their native range. Estrella Canyon sells thinner Robustas from a seed source near La Paz, Mexico. Mexican Fans are often planted in clusters or groups to create a tropical grove effect.

The Robusta is the least cold hardy of the Washingtonia species and many were killed by the subzero temperatures in February of 2011 in the El Paso region. Typically, Mexican Fan Palms will show leaf damage when temperatures drop below 20 degrees F, but will recover in Spring. Robusta's can be distinguished from other Washingtonia species by their shorter, thinner petiole and lack of filifers(hair like portion of the frawn).

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Mexican Fan Palm Mexican Fan Palm