California Fan Palm

Washingtonia filifera

The hardest of desert palms, the Filifera is native to the deserts of California and Arizona. This stately palm is famous in the Southern California and Phoenix, Arizona skyline. Now planted in deserts world wide, the California Fan Palm is slower growing than other Washingtonia species, averaging less than one foot of trunk per year. Selected for its large diameter trunk and stately appearance, California Fan Palms are a longtime favorite for row planting, tree lined streets or groupings in larger residential properties.

The California Fan is the Northern most growing palm in the Western United States. Old specimens are thriving in Bisbee, Arizona at over 5000 feet of elevation. They are drought tolerant, like other Washingtonia species, and once established will survive with three to four waterings per year. As with all Washingtonia Palms, growth is greatly increased with regular irrigation. California Fans can be distinguished from other Washingtonia species by their heavy trunks, more olive green color, larger pettiole size (up to 12 foot wide heads) and filitrus(string like material on the frawn).

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